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Peculiar behavior of 3D graph grid lines

I am quite familiar with the 3D graph utilities in LabVIEW, but I recently discovered some strange behavior of the grid lines that I don't understand. See attachment. There are vertical gap/distortion features in the grid that appear to be errors in the generation of grid triangles. My first thought was that there was a problem with the input data. However, by simply adjusting the scaling of the X and Y axes, these grid features can be made to appear and dissappear, move around to different locations on the grid, and even the number of them changes. I don't think these effects can be explained by bad data. Does anyone out there have any ideas about what might be causing these features?
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I found a work-around to the graphing error. If I put a very slight amount of noise onto the X and Y data, it works perfectly.

BTW, I can't use a Z matrix because I need to be able to plot unstructured X and Y points.
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