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Did you mean: "location" vs. array index?

I am using to look for peaks in each channel of a data array. I would then like to use the location output to go back to the original array and pull additional information about the channel, including the time in which the data sample was collected. The output for "locations" is fairly linear, but it doesn't seem to be exactly the same. For example, I have a set of three peaks that occur at lines 13, 77, and 204 of the array (starting with 0). The location output from is 10.96, 75.51, and 202.11. Am I missing something here? Why isn't the "location" output an integer? The only inputs that I don't have wired in are the two booleans.

-Sue K.
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Hi Sue;

The peak detector VI do not gives you the exact location of the peaks, only an estimate.

For more information, refere to the NI Zone article "Peak Detection Using LabVIEW and Measurement Studio"

Best regards;
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