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I'm using shared variables in a projec to run my networking code, but am having trouble deploying the variables on a run time machine.  I've looked at the few threads I could find on the subject and still have not been able to come up with a solution.  I've attached a window of my project explorer.  I would like to know the location of the Host Objects.lvlib in relation to State Machine



On my dev machine the relation is ../Libraries/Host Objects/Host Objects.lvlib, if that helps any.


I've tried stripping the path, stripping the path twice, adding anything from the whole path above to just the .lvlib part.  No results.


Any help is greatly appreciated.



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Tim Elsey
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Hold on you have to be careful here. See if you have followed the following steps since that's where I used to stumble initially.


In order to use a network shared variable in a compiled executable, it is necessary to first deploy the shared variables before they are to be used in the program. When you create a new application (EXE), under Build Specifications » Application (exe) » Source Files, add your top level VI as the Startup VI and then add all libraries that contain network shared variables to the Always Include (previously Support Files) list.  Also, make sure to set the Destination of the library(s) to be Support Directory in the Source File Settings category.

Use the Path input of the Deploy Library invoke node to point to the library(s) containing your shared variables. If the library(s) were included in the executable's Support Directory,  as directed above, the library(s) will copied to the executable's data folder.  Point the Path input to these library(s).  


How Do I Deploy Network Shared Variables from a Compiled Executable?


If you have further questions, post back.

Adnan Zafar
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Thank you. 
Tim Elsey
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