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Path problem for "Load VRML" in EXE


The new integrated 3d Picture Control functionality in LabVIEW 8.20 is amazing.  It is a really easy to use implementation of OpenGL.  I've discovered one bug/issue when building VI's to an exe that includes the 3d Picture Control:

If "Load VRML" is used, in the executable, you will encounter a LabVIEW Error 7 due to a path problem in the following vi:

NI_3D Picture Control.lvlib:Load VRML>NI_3D Picture Control.lvlib:NI_Old 3D Toolkit.lvlib:Read WRL>NI_3D Picture Control.lvlib:NI_Old 3D

The File Not Found problem will prevent the vrml file from loading.  Navigating down into the subVI's of the "Load VRML" shown above easily reveals the problem.  I've included a screenshot of the diagram of that VI.  The relative path resulting from the double "Strip Path" operation is not valid in the executable.  I'm not sure where that "definitions" file resides in the runtime deployment or if it's even included, so fixing the path to account for the differences in the exe vs. development environment path is not an option.   I'm also usually very hesitant to make any mods to anything in vi.lib.

For the development environment, the "definitions" file can be found at: [LabVIEW 8.2 dir]\vi.lib\picture\3D Picture Control

The easy fix is to include the "definitions" file in the same directory as your exe when you build.  Fortuitously, this does the trick because the first strip path gives the path to the exe and then the second strip path results in the path to the directory where the exe resides.

Hopefully NI will fix this path reference properly in future revisions.


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Hi Chris,

Thanks a lot for the feedback!  This was reported to R&D (# 47F9DJIQ) for further investigation.

Justin D

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