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Password Protected NI_AALPro.lvlib?

I am not sure why that happened, but I am glad you have it working now. If this happens again in the future, please let us know and send us any VIs you have for us to reproduce the issue. Thanks!
Vivek Nath
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Hey  i am having the same problem with this password thing ,  i got a  message with NI_AALPro.lvlib,NI_AALBase.lvlib,NI_MAPro.lvlib while i am deploying and doesn't let me  build the  aplication, what did you do to fix this  ????

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What version of LV are you using? Have you upgraded LV at all on your computer.


It sounds like you have a broken library, check this link out

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That link is not accessible to anyone outside of NI.  So please repost it.

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I am using laview 2010 development system and the problem occurs when i am deploying the web service aplication in the target computer ,what i am trying to do is to run the VI  and be able to visualize the front  panel  through the Internet,, is there another way to do this ??.



x1Compactrio 9074

x2 NI 9215 module



labviewFPGA module

labviewRealtime module



the VI is in the realtime target  but makes reference to a FPGA  VI to get  the samples,.




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Your question has nothing to do with this message thread.


Please post your question as a new question in the LabVIEW forum.

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Well  it has to do with  the  topic  man ,since the NI_AALPro.lvlib  password message  occurs  when you are  trying to deploy a web service aplication ,


 if anyone has an idea   feel free to  add  something .



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Z'Atari meant to post this link:


Please let us know if this helps.




Sam K

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