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Passing Teststand controls references between Labview UI

I have modified the basic teststand UI from the pre shipped examples(Shipped with teststand).

I am are trying to pass conntrols references from my user intraface VI(Used only to run a perticular sequence) to a Panel VI(Which gets user inputs for controlling pause,termination and similar operations) called as part of test sequence(called in a New tread) the application manager has already been started in the User Interface VI and care has been taken to make sure the sequence does not execute until all the buttons are linked on the Panel VI.


I tried to pass Application mgr reference using global variable to another VI and link TSUI button controls such as terminate and pause on the Panel VI,and got the error 97, unknown System Error in proxy caller.


Attaching screenshots and example of linking the buttons

Initializze.png:Obtaining control reference from user interface VI.

Reading the globals.png:another Vi reading rererences.

Set :Linking the controls buttons to teststand operartion.


Thank you.


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Are you running subVI after you have written reference into global? You read from the globals before the state machine in

Error 97 in LabVIEW is "null reference"

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Thanks for the response.


Yes,I am running the sub vi after global variable initialisation.



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Found the issue.Had used initialise to defaults property node.It was causing the issue.

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