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Pass all diagram propertys

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Hello everyone,


I am trying to add a control for user friendly diagram options. I do this using a seperate VI where I wire all necessary data (signal, options, scale, etc....) into it. 

When I create the output the properties set in the subvi are not passed (visibility, names). 

Is there a way to pass all the properties to a Diagram?


I tried it with passing the reference, but I do not want to connect all properties manually.

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My thinking was wrong. 


I pass the reference from the original Diagram (on the Main-VI) as an Input and not  try to pass it as an Output after all the manipulation

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I can't figure out if you fixed your problem or not!  If you did, congratulations.  If you did not, please attach a VI showing what you are trying to do (as it isn't very clear to me, but maybe you were just "doing it wrong" and figured that out ...).


Bob Schor

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Accepted by s.h._tech

@s.h._tech wrote:

Is there a way to pass all the properties to a Diagram?

Either pass a reference to the VI, and get the control reference(s) form that reference, or get the  control reference(s) from the VI, and pass (the array of) reference(s) to the sub VI.

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I'm guessing wildly here, but you might want to read about Strict Type Defs

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@Bob_Schor: I fixed it by passing the diagram reference as an Input. 


I already logged out yesterday and could not finish this thread

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