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Pass 48 bit data from FPGA to Real Time

I need some help.


I am writing some code for the FPGA. I want to read 48 Digital I/O channels and detect when there has been a change. When the change occurs I want to pass the 48 bit data to an FPGA memory block and then ultimately read that data from the memory into an array in the Real Time host. I will then write the data out to a file(I can do the last part).


For some reason my code will not recognize changes over 32 bits if I first convert the bits into a u64 word and compare changes in the word. If I instead compare the array (compare aggregates on) the changes are recognized (all 48 bits) but again the u64 word I'm trying to pass doesn't change. I've attached a simple piece of code that demonstrates this issue.


I'm running in windows7 and have a 64 bit machine but I have 32 bit LabVIEW. Is this the problem or is there something else I'm missing?


Thanks for the help.

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for some reason, you have configured your array to number function for U32 output instead of U64 output

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I thought I had checked that.



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