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Parallel TDMS Logging

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Good day all,


Just for a brief summary, I have a PCI-6280 M-series board using LV2010.


Currently, I have 4 Differential AI inputs created on one task, and a Linear Encoding Input using a counter on another task.  As you can probably guess, I would like to know the different AI measuremetns at every position I am at (using the linear encoder).  Since this is such a big task, I have decided to use the "DAQmx Configure" for logging into a TDMS file. 


However, I noticed that both tasks could not be written or "streamed" at the same time.  I read on this link that a way to do this is to concactenate the files together. However, I was wondering if this would affect how "synchronized" the position and measurements would be.  Is there a better way to do this?





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Hey Lester,

Since all the concatenation is done as post-processing it should not affect the synchronization of your data. Another forum you can check for information is here:  Please let me know if you have any additional questions.

Kevin Fort
Principal Software Engineer
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