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Parallel Access DVR Bug - LV2017

Admittedly I'm tired so I could be missing something VERY obvious. If so, hope someone could at least confirm they are seeing the same behavior and explain it. I'm in disbelief that this is a bug because there's nothing subtle about it. Someone just needs to explain to me why this is normal and expected behavior and then I'll promise to get a good night's rest and start tomorrow a fresh day.


I'm using LV2017 f2 32-bit on Windows 10 64 bit.

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I'm using LV 2014 so I can't configure for read only access, but it looks to be a bug.

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Confirmed on my 2017, it seems the "Read only" still writes and thus empties the data.


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After confirming this in my LabVIEW 2017 as well, I did some searching and found that R&D is aware of this issue. Unfortunately there's not a listed workaround right now. The CAR number is 663379, so keep an eye out for future patches/releases for a potential fix.

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As discussed in the LAVA crosspost thread, a well placed Always Copy seems to fix this until there is an official fix.

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