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Palette view not showing the contents of palette set

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I am new in the community, so "Hi everybody!" and thanks for your help


My problem: I have a scientific camera that has its own drivers and VI's for Labview. I have installed the camera properly, and I have already created a folder and copied the .llb archives on it.


When I open any of the examples to start working with it, I can see in the palette view, in the user controls, my folder. But inside the folder there is nothing. I can not find the llb's or VI's that I expected.


I have tried to go to Advanced/Edit Palette Set, but I don't know what to do, because I can find there all the .llb  and VI's. so it seems that everything is correct. But it is not, because I can't see any of them in the normal palette view.


Can sby tell me what am I mising? There should be sth that I haven't done correctly, but I don't know what.



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Hey, welcome to the forums


The sets of Vis and llbs for your camera are known as an Instrument Driver. You have to extract these to a specific location so that LabVIEW can update the pallet sets using .mnu files included in the driver files.

The location is C:\Program Files\National Instruments\LabVIEW 2014\instr.lib\ 

Try moving your files there and then restarting LabVIEW.

This Knowledge Base article may also be useful for you:

The following white paper discusses how to modify, build and install .mnu files to add/modify the current palette set.



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Hi tim.h,


thanks for your help.

I already knew the first of the links.

I will check the second one. But not now, cause I'm off for the weekend! 🙂

Enjoy it!


I will let you know if I get it work with that link.


Thanks again,


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Hi Tim!


Thanks for your help. It is already running!

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