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Packed Project Library Virtual Folders not Visible when Browsing

When a Project Library is built as a Packed Project Library, the (public) contents can be browsed just like an llb. When browsing the contents in LabVIEW, the virutal folder structure is not visible, which is problematic if the packed library contains several VIs. When using the PPL in TestStand, it is possible to view the virtual folder structure when browsing. So the PPL clearly maintains the virtual folder structure, it's just not visible (perhaps by default).


So my question is: How can I see this in LabVIEW? Is there a setting? I could make it easier for clients of the PPL by adding prefixes to VI names (eg. by category) but this seems a little unneccesary. I'm using 12.0.1f2.

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When you say that it is not visible in LabVIEW, are you referring to the project explorer as a build specification?  I can see what you mean by browsing the contents by opening the file outside of LabVIEW, but I'm not sure where else you'd be trying to access this.

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Let's say I have built my PPL that contains virtual folders. Now I create a new project and a new VI. Lets say I want to browse for a VI to insert as a SubVI from my PPL, which I do from the Palette menu. I can Insert a VI by browsing to the PPL, selecting it and then viewing the PPL contents inside the LLB /PPL File Dialog that appears. This dialog doesn't show any folder structures. This is very useful if, for example, I am replacing a current SubVI with another one that has the same / similar connector pane. In both cases that LLB / PPL Dialog opens.


The PPL now appears in the Dependencies as expected. Of course here you can see the folder structure, and if one was inclined you could drag and drop the accessible public VIs to to new VI. But it is interesting that browsing the PPL through the LLB / PPL dialog doesn't show the folder structure, and it is certainly inconvenient if one is doing the Replace function. I am assuming this is because the dialog wasn't designed to handle folders and when PPLs were developed, it wasn't considered a substantial issue not to see folder visibility.

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