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Packed Project Library VI Connector Pane EMPTY

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I developed a simple Test VI to test passing data between a LabVIEW VI and Packed Project Library VI.


I created connector pane on a Public Packed Project Library VI and the one active terminal is a Text Box RefNum. 


However, when the Packed Project VI is placed on another Projects VI Block diagram, the connector pane is not there? My intention was to wire a string reference and use 'User defined string event' to pass string data to the packed project Project VI.

The Queue method works fine in passing data but also wanted to check out using a string reference wired to a connector pane.


Why is the connector panel EMPTY?


Attached is the Front Panel of the Packed Project VI with connector pane showing terminal of the TextBox RefNum control. The VI is also attached.


Anthony L..

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Accepted by topic author Anthony_L

I built the ppl in LV 2020 and it seems to have the ref connected to the pane.

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Accepted by topic author Anthony_L

Try to rebuild your packed library, the terminal should be there.

Also, are you sure you are referencing your packed library from the correct path ?




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Thank You. I am using LabVIEW 14 SP1. Not sure if the problem is with this version. An earlier reply also was able to get the Connector terminal to show up in LabVIEW 2021. I will try again.



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And yes I am using the right Packed Library VI. Because I place that VI on my Block diagram after referencing the PPL package via saved path. There is only one such path on my PC for the compiled library.



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