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PXI-8250 User LEDs Not Accessible


The PXI-8250 system monitoring module has 6 user LEDs that would be useful for our application. The PXI-8250 user manual states these are not currently accessible via the NI system monitor 1.1 API. Can someone from NI comment on the following:

  • Will there be a future release of the system monitor API that allows these LEDs to be set?
  • Will there be a future release of the system monitor API that installs properly for LabView 2010?
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Hi wbdoyle,


You are correct, the is no way to use these LEDs at this time.  This is a known issue and our R&D team is planning to impliment this feature in an upcoming release.  However, there is no information availible as to when new version of the API will be released.  Version 1.1.1, the latest version, works with LabVIEW 8.6 and 2009.

Sarah Yost
Senior Product Marketing Manager
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1.1.1 happens, although not officially, to work fine with LabView 2010 SP1 and LabView RT 10.02f. It just requires manual installation, i.e. copy the 2009 sys mon installation to the LabView 2010 directories. I'll ask our regional NI sales rep to see if he can get us dates when the user LEDs will be usable.


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