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PXI-6713 and Labview 6.1

I would like to use 3 PXI-6713 analog output with a buffer ans synchro it with a frequency signal on PXI-6713 update port.
I made an exemple with CVI/labwindows but I would realize it with labview 6.1.
Have you got some sample ?
Thanks for your help
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It does not appear that any examples with this exact functionality are available, but you should be able to use the Cont Generation - example as the foundation of your application. The master PXI-6713 will use the external clock signal as its update clock. Additionally, you will need to use Route to route both the mater PXI-6713's AO Start Trigger and AO Update signals to the RTSI (PXI Trigger) bus. The two slave PXI-6713s will both use these two RTSI lines as their start trigger (AO Trigger and Gate and update clock (AO Clock, respectively.

Good luck with your application.

Spencer S.
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