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PXI 6512 to PXI 6511 using SCB-100



Using LabView 8.6, I want to pass a discrete signal from a PXI 6512 (DO) to a PXI 6511(DI).


Each of these cards have a SCB-100 connector block. I have set the switches (S1 to S6) of each card to "DIO passthrough" as specified in SCB-100 Installation Guide Figure 3.



I'm using the following NI examples: Write Dig (running on 6512) and Read Dig Chan-Change Detection (running on 6511)


1. I have connected the PXI 6512 SCB-100 pin #1 (Port 0 Line 0) to PXI 6511 SCB-100 pin #1 (Port 0 Line 0).

    Result: I does not work; that is:

                                          a) Changing voltage on 6512 is not detected on 6511 vi

                                          b) Changing voltage on 6512 MAX is not detected on 6511 vi


2. I have a connected both pin #1 to pin #1 and pin # 9 (GRND) to pin #9 (GRND), doing the same as above (1.a and 1.b) , it still does not work.


3. To make things worse, I put a voltmeter on the SCB-100 pins of 6512, no voltage is generated.


I wonder:

    - How to connect two SCB-100 connectors for my case? is there something special to do in addition to setting the switches ?

    - How can I be sure using MAX that my cards are OK?

    -  What are the correct driver versions (is it "traditional DAQ driver"?) for my cards?


Thank you in advance for the replies;





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Hello KizKas,

When performing the write to the digital channel, have you tested other lines other that Port 0 Line 0?  Have you tried using a different breakout box, or a different cable?  Have you double-checked all of your connections? If you could try all of these steps and measure the voltage on the line using a voltmeter you should get more information on what is wrong with your system.

The only steps you can perform in Measurement and Automation Explorer (MAX) to check to see if everything is working with your system is to first check to make sure that the icon next to your device under My System»Devices and Interfaces»NI-DAQmx Devices is green.

Figure 1: Green is Good

You can also attempt to reset the device or perform a self-test on the device itself by clicking on the device and clicking on the appropriate buttons.

Figure 2: Self-Test and Reset Device

For these devices the correct driver to use would be NI-DAQmx 8.8.
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Dan King

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Hi Dan King,


   I want to use my 6511 to glow a led on my front panel when i'm giving 5v to pin 1 of 6511 and off that led when i give 0 to it pls help me,





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Hello aniba solutions,


A useful example for this application is the Read Dig Chan-Change Detection VI which can be found in the NI Example Finder under Hardware Input and Output>>Digital Measurements>>Read Dig Chan-Change You can modify this code to track and display changes of your digital signal. You can change the DAQmx Read VI type to Digital>>Single Channel>>Single Sample>>Boolean and replace the Digital Waveform Graph with a LED Boolean for your specific application. Also make sure you include Shift registers.


Paul B


Applications Engineer
National Instruments
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