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PXI-6250 and BNC-2110 to control 5V relay ?!

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I try to use PXI-6250 through BNC-2110 to control 5V relay. Please give advice if it is possible and how.



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08-27-2015 04:09 PM

Hello Liming,


This is definitely possible, but there are some limitations.  Are there any current requirements for the 5V relay.  If it is low current you should have no problem controlling the relay with one of your PFI lines (they are found in the screw terminal of the BNC-2110).

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Dan King

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I am using labview. Please give more guid how to program this control in Labview.



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Hello Liming

For information on performing digital writes I would encourage you to look at many of the example programs that can be found in the National Instruments Example Finder.  You can find all of the digital generation examples under Hardware Input and Output»DAQmx»Digital Generation.

Dan King

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Hi, Don,

Thanks for advice. I worked hard to follow your direction. But I feel I have no much knowlege about digital circuit. I am using a relay G3PA-210B (OMRON). The relay need 5V and 7 ma to operate. I just want to control close it and wait for another voltage monitoring. If another voltage is out of the range, I need to be able to open relay.

It seems very difficult for me to get it done quick. If you can give an example for me to start. I will be ver y happy.



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Hi, Now I can creat a small program to make port0 <0..7> out put digital voltage 5V. But I see once it starts, I always get 5 V even after I close Labview and MAX. Please advice what I did wrong.Thanks
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Your program isn't doing anything.  It's just a DAQ Assistant wrapped in a while loop.


How do you change the values it is putting out?  You don't have anything going to the data input of the DAQ assistant.

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Yes, you are right.

I used MAX to output 5V voltage. It is strange 5V output was still there even after I close MAX.

I use Labview for measurement a lot. This is the first time to output voltage. I feel it is hard for me to get it done quick. Although there are some examples, I still do not know which one is good for me.

Please can provide an simple example just for output voltage from this PXI card so that i can play on it.



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Why is it strange? You program it to a logic high and it is supposed to stay that way until you program it to a logic low. I don't think I would like an output that changes state without being commanded to do so.


Something from LabVIEW basics is to right click on the Data input and select 'Create Control'. You now have a control that you can change the output states with.


Also, if you want to skip the DAQ Assistnant, you were already given the location of the digital generation examples. Did you look at any of them? The simplest to use are Write Dig Chan and Write Dig Port.


One thing missing from your example (and the NI examples mentioned above), is an event structure so that the DAQ Assistant or DAQmx Write will only be called when the output pattern changes.

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All right, i get it done. Thanks for great help
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