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PXI 6133 - P0.4

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Has anyone had problems using P0.4 digital input on a PXI-6133 card?


I've tried to use it on a couple of cards and cant get it to work, all other lines on the port work fine.


Any ideas?


I dont think it is anything I am doing. Is this a known problem?

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Does anyone have one of these cards?

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Accepted by topic author scottcolston

Hi Scott,


I assisted you in testing the PXI-6133 card and together we found that the cable connecting the card to the SCB-68 was a SH68-68-D1 cable, which is typically used with our digital products where pin 19 (P0.4 on the PXI-6133) is not connected. The correct cable is the SH68-68-EP for the PXI-6133.


The SH68-68-D1 and SH68-68-EP cables look identical, the only visible difference being the part numbers on their label.  184749-xx for the SH68-68-EP and 183432-xx for the SH68-68-D1.


Best regards,


Tony Gibbs


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