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PXI 4472 synchronisation under RT

System used: PXI bus, Embedded PC controller, 2 PXI 4472 cards, LabView 6.1

Problem: Synchronisation of a measurement.

I have a 4472 in PXI slot 2 and one in slot 3, configured as device 2 and device 3. To synchronize them, the manual and documentation suggests to connect the clock of the slot 2 card to the PXI star lines and take the clock of the second card from the respective PXI line. This works fine under LabView. Under LabView RT the "Route Signal" vi always gives the error that the source must be PXI device 2 (which is in fact the device requested as source). My vi is exactly the same under LabView (no error) and LabView RT (error).

Anybody any idea?
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Did you need to configure your DAQ cards in Remote DAQ Configuration through MAX to be device numbers 2 & 3? I am guessing that even though your device numbers are appropriate, you probably have the wrong PXISYS.INI file for your controller/chassis.

Visit here and click the link in the table to download the appropriate PXISYS.INI file for your particular combination of PXI controller and chassis.

Once you have done this, you need to FTP this file to the proper location on the PXI system. Once connected to your RT controller via FTP, switch into the ni-rt folder, then into the system folder. Delete the existing PXISYS.INI file and place the one you just downl
oaded from the web site on the PXI RT system.

It may help to delete NICONFIG.DAQ in this folder as well. It will get automatically regenerated next time you reboot. If you have configured any SCXI systems or virtual channels on the RT system, these will be lost by deleting this file. If this is a problem, first try without deleting this file, and if it still doesn't work, try renaming the file and rebooting. That way you can restore from this backed up file if need be.
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This exactly solved the problem, thanks. What was strange to me is that data acquisition did work as expected in any other regard, just without this PXI star coupling. NICONFIG.DAQ deletion was not necessary.
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