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PXI 4110

I am using PXI 4110 power supply. Can I connect the 3 channels so that the confiuration provides me a voltage of 13.5V @ 2A?

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Hi himi,


In order to source 13.5V and 2A, you will need to cascade two PXI-4110 modules and use an Auxiliary Power Supply. The isolated channels 1 and 2 can only source up to 100mA when using PXI backplane power and therefore you can not reach your desired output off PXI backplane power alone. This is due to per-slot power restrictions of the PXI standard.


The best you can get with one 4110 module is 6V @ 2A or 12V @1A. This can been seen in this tutorial titled "Cascading the Outputs of a DC Power Supply to Extend Voltage and Current Ranges". In figure 2b of that tutorial, you will see how to connect your supply to get up to 20V @ 2A.


Please refer to this document regarding the PXI-4110 Power Supply Architecture for general information regarding protecting IO, supplying aux power, regulation, etc.


Finally, you might also want to look into this example VI that will help you get the output you want.


I hope this helps!




Micah M.
National Instruments
NIC AE Specialist - Test
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