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PSD1S ServoMotor control Ethernet/IP with Labview

Hello, I use a servomotor from Parker: PSD1-S. I can communicate with him through Parker's app. However, I am now looking to communicate with the servoMotor with Labview over Ethernet/IP. How can I do please?

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First thing to check is whether the manufacturer has provided details on how to communicate or control the motor outside their App.

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LabVIEW has a toolkit for Ethernet/IP functionality, which is not free, and you can see it here:


An alternative solution that is free but totally unsupported is to use the .NET DLL found in this Git repo:


This repo specifically has a LabVIEW example here:


We have used both of these at my company and they both worked, but having never tried it with this device specifically I can't guarantee anything.

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