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PLC OPC connection to labview datasocket very slow

Hi guys,


I have lavbiew reading thermocouple inputs on an s7-200 plc, via labviews datasocket function and an s7 opc server, i am graphing the data but the aquisition is very slow.


How can i speed this up?


would the labview dsc plug in work any faster?



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Hi Zac,


LabVIEW DSC won't increase the speed. You will need to find out why the data acquisition is slow. How fast does the PLC update the registries on the server? What rates are you expecting? Also, how have you designed your code; are their any timeouts in there?

Adnan Zafar
Certified LabVIEW Architect
Coleman Technologies
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Thanks for the reply, its sorted now. It was just my crap code. i wasn't accessing the local variables properly.


Thanks Zac

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Hello Zac, can you tell me how you solve the problem? I tried bevor using a datasocket connection - but it was to slow. Today i try to connect

my I/O Card (ICDPAS via DCON) but i isnt faster. 

How to you make your application faster or what wa syour mistake?

Best reguards
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Hi, my mistake was that i tied a waveform graph directly to the OPC data using data biding, this was very slow.  So i tied a numberic control to the OPC data then fed that into the waveform graph which was much faster.

Cheers, Zac

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Hi Zac,


What do you mean by tying the numeric control to the OPC data? 

Do you configure that in your VI? I encounter the same problem also when I try to bind my waveform graph directly to the OPC data.

Please help me. Thanks 🙂

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I have this problem too,I dedicate my tags to controls,indicators and ...,by right clicking on them and select properties then data binding and datasocket the speed is very low,how can solve my problem,please help me.

Thank you

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