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PID tuning

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I have a shift register to pass the data between the cases in the case structure. The case I am concerned about is an image grab case, a while loop that constantly has images taken. 


I can have a look at the tunnels for the case.   

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I have had a look at the wires and they seem to be connected correctly. 

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Ok i think i may have found the error for this. 


When the code passes through both of these nodes there is no error, when the data passes through node 86 for the second time no error occurs. I then pass through the IMAQdx configure grab vi I then get the error. The error applies for all 3 cameras 


How can I fix this, see the image attached.  





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Could you please tell me what is wrong with this car?



No? Well, you see you show a little bit of your VI as image and expect us to do the same repair advice as this would be!


You don't even mention the error code you get and it is not fully visible in the probe window. My guess would be that the Grab VI can not start since there is still a grab active for that session.

Rolf Kalbermatter
Averna BV
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I apologise, but i cannot send the code, it will not attach 



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The error code is this: 



Error -1074360311 occurred at IMAQdx Open

Possible reason(s):

Camera not found


despite a camera session being open. 

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