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PID control with dynamic setpoint and read/wirte data to files

Hi everyone! I am new to LabVIEW and now I am in trouble with building my VI. I hope I can get some help from here.
My project need to apply a PID control to my robot with dynamic PID setpoint. For example, the program need to read the displacement data continuously from a file, and use the data as setpoint to the PID controller VI. Meanwhile, the real time displacement data read from a laser sensor is also used as feedback to the PID controller. When the program is running, it need to be able to write real-time setpoint data/laser sensor reading/output voltage to a file.
I build a VI as attached, however, while running the VI, the elapsed time seems to be incorrect (i.e. not the real elapsed time). In addition, the data from the laser sensor is not continuous, which means when the displacement changes, the data shown by this VI does not change simultaneously. I have tried my best to solve this problem but failed. Could anyone who is familiar with this able to offer some help?
Thank you very much!


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