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PID application

Hi everyone,


First, I bed pardon because this message is not directly related to coding. I already made a LabVIEW code for PID controller and want to implement that for controlling pump flow rate. Does anyone here, who has work experience with LS inverter (SV 015iG5A-2), NI USB 6009 and 220V pump? I have some questions......


Thanks in advance. 

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Hi Milon,


did you solve your questions?

Which problems do you have to connect the inverter to your USB6009?

Best regards,

using LV2011SP1 + LV2017 (+LV2020 sometimes) on Win10+cRIO
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Hello Mr. GerdW,

I am replying after a long time. I have attached one PID control code here. I need to control pump flow rate based on sensor value through PID controller. I am using LS inverter for controlling pump and this is connected with the computer (LabVIEW) through RS232 to 485 converter cable. Problem is:

1. during running, it shows the "scan failed" error (picture attached_PID code error-1) 

2. If I remove the "scan from string" option, then another error is showed (picture attached_PID code error-2)

any suggestion to overcome this problem????? 

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