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PID Outputs max Voltage to system.

Trying to use simple PID control for a Load Cell and 0-10 vdc pnuematic valve. When I Run the program, the output of the PID max's out to 10. Load cell is wired to a front panel control, output range of PID set at 0-10.
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Is the load value is the parameter you want to control. May I know the PID gain values you are using. If you are using a higher Integral gain, you will max out pretty fast. Consider a lower integral gain like 0.03. Is that any helpful?
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First, how you design your PID parameters, which method you use or just guess? If guess, my suggestion is to apply some PID design method with the preliminary knowledge about your system.

Next, if the output to your load cell is still 10 volts, the system is saturated, decrease your gain value or retune your PID.

Hope this help


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