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PIC16F887 interface with RS232

mikroc pro.jpg

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What is that screenshot supposed to show? Is there a question you intended to ask?

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oh, first, i apologize! i posted questions as well but i cant see it know !!! anyway, i write USART code for serial port interface with PIC as part of my project. i want PIC send message to my phone through another mobile i connected it as modem with the PC, but i fail to send the sms. My code show 1 error and i am not able to fix it. I construct basic circuit in proteus software first to text USART commands and I wrote the code in MikroC  pro . can you guide me?

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This is a LabVIEW forum, not a PIC forum or a Proteus forum. Shouldn't you be asking a question related to microprocessor code on one of those forums?

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