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PIC16F887 interface with RS232


i am trying to design gas detector. the main parts are gas sensor, PIC16F887 microcontroller, RS232 serial port, GSM modem.i have attached the simulated circuit of my project.  my question here, can i simulate this project by using Labview?

i have basic knowlwdge about using labview. appreciate any help and guide

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I am not sure what you mean by simulate the circuit!

But if you are wondering if you can communicate with the rs232 port in the circuit? The answer is yes, as long as you use sensible code in the PIC.


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yes.this is what i mean. i want to connect rs232 with the problem i am beginner to used Labview. i want at least PIC interface with serial port examples from labview,so that i will have idea to start my project.thanks

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LabVIEW is a programming language, not a circuit simulator. If you are looking to simulate chips, then you're looking in the wrong place. If you are looking to simulate the presence of the GSM modem then you could do so by having LabVIEW generate/accept the serial commands.


EDIT: You posted your response at the same time I posted my response. Updated response: You need to have code running on the microP that performs serial communication. This is beyond the scope of this forum. You won't find any LabVIEW examples for this since you need C or assembly code. I would suggest looking at the examples that Microchip provides. They have tons of examples. You need to define your own set of commands and responses based on what you want to do, and what the microP code does. Once you do that, as far as LabVIEW is concerned it will see the microP as just an instrument. In that case you would need to write simple VIs that send commands to the microP and read back the responses. Like an instrument driver. There are tons of instrument drivers that you can download to see how this is done. You can also look at the serial port example VIs.

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yes, i want to run programming for PIC16F887 by using labview. can you help me for an examples or guide. my focuse on pic16f887 interface with serial port RS232.

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As already explained, its up to you to program the pic and any code is dependent on that. Search this forum to see how others have done it or hardware forums.
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sir, cand i generate code for PIC using labview C generator?

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LabVIEW does not have a "C generator".


You need to use whatever tools that the PIC manufacturer provides or recommends to program the device.  As Dennis as already stated, LabVIEW doesn't generate code for a PIC.

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ok,sir. if i programm the PIC ,now how i am goinig  to connect it in labview?!

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I would imagine, you would use MPLAB to program the PIC.

If you connect the serial port shown in the circuit to your serial port on the PC, you can use Labview to control and read from your circuit.

As mentioned before, you will need to make sure that you write functions in your PIC code to interface to a PC.

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