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Limsg wrote:


Darin, actually my company has bought LV8 also, but after using for a while, I removed it and prefer to use LV7.1 instead. It's simpler and easy to use. The biggest reason is it seems very complicated to complie an installation package with the LV8 application builder, when it's a breeze to use the AB in LV7.

It takes some getting used to it initially, but the project idea is, in my opinion, superior to the old Application Builder. The main problem isn't the project concept - it's LabVIEW 8.0. Frankly, it was not a good release. When we "upgraded" to 8.0 we did the same thing you did. We stuck with 7.1 until 8.2 came out. 8.2 was the fixed version, though it still has problems with certain kinds of builds. 

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Thanks Darin, GS is really nice.. and the example provided is very useful to describe the commandline syntax.


Thanks smecurio, for helping to convert the example. It helps a lot.

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One more suggestion is that you can use GIMP to convert PDF to image file.

Just load the PDF file in GIMP->save as .xcf and then you can do whatever you want to the image.

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Thank you for this solution. It has worked fine for me for one page pdf files but not for multiple pages.


any way to modify it so that it saves the file name plus page number so it does not override pages?


I have a six page file and need to save all pages as png.


Thank you.



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Never mind!


I found the solution in the documentation:


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I know this thread is old but maybe someone can help me.


I can get this to work fine on my local drive, but when I load a pdf from a server to save to the same server it does not work.


I get an error that says "current allocation mode is local" See image attached.


how do I change it to work over our server?


Thank you

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