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PDF Creation: Inserting a jpg Image

Hi All,


This is a Cross Post to from Adobe Forums as they do not allow attatching files...  However if anyone can help here it would be appreciated.  I am creating this PDF from LabVIEW but hit a stumbling block.

Hello All,

First Post In the Adobe Forums so please excuse if this is in the wrong forum.

I am trying to create a PDF file from scratch by going through the PDF Specification. I have had Success with tables shapes and text however I cannot seem to get an Image embedded correctly. I was hoping someone may be able to take a look of the formatting of my PDF and see wht is going wrong. Any other general tips as to the structure would also be welcome. The PDF file isnt to large and the picture I am trying to embedd is 32x32 px jpg with 8 Bits per Component. My Current Method is to open the jpg File as a Binary File and insert the whole Byte stream between the "stream" and "endstream" tags.






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I have now resolved this issue.  I was writing the PDF as a text file and had the auto replace EOL characters enabled which was messing up the JPG stream.




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Hello Craig,


   I am first time trying to create PDF and not aware about anything.

   My PDF creation requirement is, it contains text, tables and logos.

   Can you please provide me guidance to proceed on creation of PDF?


    FYI... I am searching for help and found that your comment on Adobe coding web page that you have able to create the text, tables and images in PDF creation.


Thanx and Regards,


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Hello Tau,


I have indeed managed to cretae PDF files from pure LabVIEW without the use of any third party Libraries.  It is pretty tough going though and if you have no need to write this yourself (i.e no 3rd party toolsets allowed by your company) then I would suggest using one of the available libraries found on the NI tools site.


If you really want to create them from scratch then I found the following resources helpfull.

And of course the PDF file format specification.


If I could I would of shared my code by now.  Tree controls are a big help if you are familiar with them.





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