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PDA bitmap color scheme

I'm trying to display a bitmap image on an Axim x51v.  I've saved the filt in photophop as an 8bit bitmap, used LV's conversion program to turn it into a pixmap, and run those values on the pda.  All is fine in running the pixmap as an image on the front panel of the PDA, except the color scheme is off.  The image appear in a in shades of blue and green. Any suggestions.  Is my conversion in photoshop the issue?
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Good Afternoon RTom,


Have you tried creating an 8-bit bitmap in Photoshop from scratch, instead of converting an existing image?  I am interested to hear how that works in your application.


What are you doing with the image on the PDA? (simply displaying it,processing it, etc.)

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I just converted the image from a pre-exsiting collage of images.  The photos are for a user-interface, where buttons are located next to the pictures.  It seems to be an issue with image conversion and not labview, as the image provided by NI worked fine in mapping and drawing the pixmap.  As a fix, I converted my image to grayscale and am able to display it in B&W, but I'm still interesting in find a way to convert it correctly.  Thus far I've tried Photoshop (CS1), Paint (XP) and Matlab. All three result in the same...that is, I think only the blue layer is being mapped (red and green info. is lost).
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