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PCIe-1473r with PCO.edge through Camera Link

Hi all,



I recently got a PCIe-1473r frame grabber card and want to use it to acquire images from the PCO.edge camera through the Camera Link interface.


The question is: is it possible to use the PCIe-1473r only to get images without uploading anything to FPGA chip inside the card? All the examples I've found so far in Labview use the FPGA for image processing.


Thank you!



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Hi Viv,


please first have a look at page 8 of the PCIe-1473R User Guide:


There you can see that the connectors for the camera are hard-wired to the FPGA, which is why the image data need to be routed over the FPGA to the host bus. Therefore you need an FPGA VI that has at least the acquisition logic implemented in order to acquire images. You should be able to implement this starting off with the LabVIEW examples.


Best regards,

Jacques Scheller
Staff Applications Engineer, NI Germany
Certified LabVIEW Developer, Certified TestStand Developer
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