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PCI-6221 port 1 for change detection

<edit: posted in wrong forum, again!, sorry...>

Hi Experts,

I am having a little trouble using dynamic events with port 1 of my PCI-6221 DAQ card (37 pin D-sub connector variant).

Attached is a simple test VI. Three digital input lines are configured to provide a change detection event which is read in the event structure.

There is no problem using either of the port 0 lines (the 37-pin 6221 has only two port 0 lines), the events are being responded to in the event structure. However, the port 1 digital input line does not seem to respond to the events.

No error messages are generated, and I know the DAQ card is working ok as all three lines are being correctly read when the event for either port 0 input fires.

So basically, is there some magic configuration involved in getting port 0 and port 1 to both respond to change detection events? I cannot find any substantial documentation for the change detection event anywhere Smiley Sad

Any ideas?

Many thanks

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you really got my hopes up when I saw there was an answer to my question Smiley Sad
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