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PCI-6031E with AD 5B and 7B devices

Hi all.

I'm using Labview to acquire a signal through the PCI-6031E connected to a NI board. The last is connected to a Analog Device board and several Analog devices, as the 7B37-03 (temperature to voltage) and 5B41-01 (voltage to voltage) using the analog IO.

I tried to read anything through the NI-DAQmx, but it just shows a negative number, actually, the least number I set. If I set -5V, it "reads" -5V. If I set -10V, it "reads" -10V.

I have no idea where to start. Is it missing a driver or something?

Am I configuring the board correctly?

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Cordiales Saludos

Luciano Borges
Test Development Engineer
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