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PCI-6024E Analog Input

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Does anyone know how to take an Analog Input Sample at a specified sampling rate (i.e. every 0.5 seconds) using a PCI-6024E, or have an example code that could accomplish something like this?

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Accepted by topic author ManuFrais

Hi Manu,


open the example finder in LabVIEW, then choose any of the more basic example VIs on voltage readings with DAQmx…


That task is pretty easy once you learn the DAQmx basics!

Best regards,

using LV2011SP1 + LV2017 (+LV2019 sometimes) on Win10+cRIO
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Hey Gerd,


I looked at those examples, but the examples I was seeing only showed how to generate a digital output signal at a specified frequency which only allows for the signal to be on and off for the same amount of time within a given period (i.e. if your frequency is at 1Hz, the period is 1 second, the light would be on for 0.5 seconds and off for 0.5 seconds).  However, I need to be able to generate a code where I can control the length of time the light is on (or how long the digital signal outputs for) and also how long it is off for, which won't be the same lengths of time.  The signal will be high for a shorter length of time than it will be low.


And, as I stated, the current examples I've seen only allow me to specify the frequency, which in turn cause the output to be high for the same length of time as it is low.  Have you seen any examples where I can change the two lengths of time, or would you happen to have an idea of how this could be accomplished? So that the signal will look similar to the attached file.  It could be analog or digital output.

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I'm confused.  Your first message and subject title talks about Analog Input.  But now your message is about how to control a digital output.


????Smiley Frustrated

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You're right, my apologies.  When I read his post I was working on the digital output part and I thought that's what I posted about originally but I do need help on both LoL my apologies.


I will look for examples of the Analog Input VI's today.

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