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PCB testing : The tools necessary?

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Dear users/moderators,

I am a Electrical Engineering student, and for my internship I have been given an assignment to build and automate test equipment cluster for PCB assembly testing. After researching and contacting other companies I knew are doing this, all of the information was pointing towards LabView or LabViewNXG as a good tool for automating process. However, I have questions that I cannot find answer to on NI page, and I decided that having an insightful opinion is better than guessing. The PCB assembly already has test points created, and we will connect it with bed of nails fixture. 
There are 3 software tools that I am aware of: NI Teststand, LabView and LabView NXG. From what I gather, LabViewNXG is a newer version of LabView, and Teststand is just an extension of LabView, but the entire process can be done in LabView on its own and Teststand is just a tool to make it easier.

It seems that it would be smart to find equipment that has LabView instrument drivers already written, but as I understand LabViewNXG has different drivers than LabView?
Also, in tutorial videos (Which are not exhaustive by any means) the personnel has NI chassis to which they connect equipment. Is this necessary, or can I just connect equipment directly to the PC or via USB hub?

Which product is more suitable for PCB testing, LabView or LabViewNXG? 

Best regards,


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Accepted by topic author Atizss

Hi Atizss,


why don't you call your local NI sales department and invite one of them to your lab?

(Discuss your requirements face-to-face. Don't forget to write down all your requirements before the meeting…)

Best regards,

using LV2011SP1 + LV2017 (+LV2020 sometimes) on Win10+cRIO
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Dear GerdW,

I never thought of that. I will call them today then! 

Best regards,


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