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Overlay table indicator

Greetings everyone, this most likely has a rather simple solution, but I seem to be unable to find it. I have an UI with indicators from several sensors updated 5 times a second, and the final user wants me to add a table with a simple snapshot of the approximate values every few seconds. Since the indicators will be much more valuable, I want the table to be a sort of "flyout" menu, that stays hidden at the bottom of the indicators and is shown upon click of the user, laying over the indicators, then can be hidden again when no longer needed. What is the method for doing such a thing?

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Create your table, then right click it and Create -> Property node -> Visible. Connecting False hides it, True - shows. To hide by default: Right click -> Advanced -> Hide control. You will also need some control or button combination or mouse click on element to hide it.

In most cases I prefer to open simple  sub vi instead of hidden control. SubVI window can be modal, or I can hide main front panel and restore it.


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I thought of that, but wanted a more "professional" solution. I think I saw, at some point, a way to make LabView indicators behave like flyout menus, in the sense that you clicked on a "up" indicator and it moved and resized to a fixed position, then clicked again to lower it, but can't remember where or how. Thanks for the help tho, might end up making it "appear and dissappear" if I can't find another way.

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send your vi and i change your indicator in way that you want
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Unfortunately, the VI is propietary and I cannot freely divulge it. Can you explain how it is done? I also want to learn UI tricks and techniques for future application development. I also found where I saw the alternate solution, and it was a NI document using panes.

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you need combination of method to reach this propose
but for your first post request I thin adding tip strip and manipulating grammatically based on online data is best method
check this vi
I hope I understand your request correctly

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Yeah I think I didn't explain myself properly, but either way found out how to do what I wanted, which is a collapsible space that showed and hid the table on request, leaving space for more frequently used indicators. Here's a very basic example of what I wanted.



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could you convert it to 2014
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