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Output to trigger 120VAC Solenoid valve

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I have 4 solenoid valves 120VAC, working at 6.1 watts, requiring 0.05 amps. I want to control them from labVIEW via a DAQ hardware device. 

My doubt is if there are hardware devices out there which give that much output to trigger a solenoid valve ON/OFF?

If NO, is there any way that I can achieve this?

Thank you.

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Have you tried a digital output controlling a relay?


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Thank you for the reply Jim.


I haven't tried it. Can you please explain in detail.

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Accepted by Seema

A digital output device (DO) is controlled by your PC to turn a DC voltage on and off.  A relay is a switch that uses an electrical input, typically low voltage but not always, and usually low current (like from a DO) to switch a higher voltage and/or current signal - like your 120VAC to control your solenoid.


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Thank you Jim

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just use a relay circuit to switch any type of inductive load .you can get a lot of relay circuits from internet ....if not found then i will try to send u....


bye bye

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Solid state relays (SSR's) are a good way to go, they can trpicially be driven by most DIO lines and create no inductive spike when turned off. They also come in zero-crossing turn on/off styles for a clean power on/off transition on the AC side.


If you do end up using a coil based relay, be sure to a reverse biased diode (1N4004 work well) to prevent damage to the DIO line when turned off (aforementioned inductive spike).



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I have the exact same problem as the original poster of this thread. Does your offer stilll stand? I did search the internet for relay circuits and did not find any circuits relevant.

Would you be willing to try to send me circuit diagrams of a relay triggering a solenoid?


You would be helping a college student project!!!





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Try This 


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