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Output images from the vision assisant node in LabVIEW

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Dear Community,


I am using the Vision Assistant Express VI, and I would like to output the  images from each function contained in the vision assistant script to LabVIEW. Is that possible or is the only way to do so by creating a seperate vision assistant node for each function?

Thanks in advance.

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It is certainly possible if you are not using the simplified Express VI -- you simply drop down an Image Display and wire your Image up to it.  While this might not be possible directly with the Express VI, you can always do the following:

  • Save a copy of your VI containing the Express VI (because you are about to destroy the Express VI, so save first!).
  • In the Copy or the Original (but not both), right-click the Express VI and choose "Open Front Panel".  This is a one-time transformation that destroys the Express VI, but replaces it with the LabVIEW code "hidden behind the scenes" that does all the work.  For something as complex as the Vision Assistant, this might be fairly large, so be prepared to study the code a bit.
  • Now you can add extra Displays and wire images to them as you need.

This "trick" works with other (all?) Express VIs.  It can be used as a "teaching/learning" tool for the LabVIEW code that the Express VI is trying to "simplify" for you by giving you restricted choices.


Bob Schor

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