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Otput power measurement with keithley 2182A and Keithley 6485

I'm new with labview.I came across a problem with Keithley products. I am trying to measure the output power of a thermoelectric module with the keithley 2182A and the Keithley 6485(keithley 2182A measure voltage across the module while Keithley 6485 measure current through it at the same time). But I have no idea how to acquire data from the remote PC. Is there any labview programs or free examples about the measurements by using keithley 2182A and Keithley 6485 at the same time. Thanks!
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Keithley has a LabVIEW 2182 and an IVI driver for the 6485. You might want to start at the Instrument Driver Network to get an understanding of what a driver is and how to use one.


What do you mean by 'acquire data from the remote PC'? The pc acquires data from the instruments.

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