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Organize block diagram

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Hi everybody,


I made a VI to process special tiff images (32bit gray-scale) used in my experiments.

The VI works perfect but the block diagram looks so messy.

I attached my VI and the sample tiff images.

Do you have any suggestions to make the block diagram look better?




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Accepted by topic author Xiang00

I just looked at the top level VI. A couple of feedback points:

- Use a state machine architecture instead of a sequence structure. This makes the diagram to require less space

- Put code into subVIs. This is rather easy as long as the code does not connect to UI controls directly (terminal, property node, event structure)

- In case use Diagram Cleanup tool. Please note that you can restrict it to certain area of code by selecting a segment of code (e.g. a case of a case structure). Running it on the complete diagram can lead to unexpected positioning which might not increase readability


To be fair: We have seen much worse. However, size is really an issue for your diagram!

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Thank you very much for the reply.

State machine is a nice suggestion. I knew this approach but I never come up to use it in this vi.

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