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Orbit and Timebase (RT)


I need to use the Orbit and Timebase express vi to plot the orbit of an unbalanced rotor and i'm using compact rio to do this because i want to command the rotor velocity with an analog output (i' m in SCAN MODE). The problem is that when i put the vi on the block diagram and choose automatic creation of the wire to have the plots i have a broken wire while when i use Daqmx (not in scan mode) because i dont want to control the velocity of the rotor it gives no problem . I enclose pictures. 


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Hello Marco,


why do you use Automatic creation of the wire?
Which kind of indicator are you using for displaying the output data?

Be careful, the output of the function is a cluster, so be sure to use a same type cluster indicator. You can create an indicator directly from the block diagram: right click on the output, Crate -> Indicator.

I hope my answer can help you.


PS: my suggestion is to post the questions on the italian forum because it takes twice as much to understand the question if it is written in a not good english.


Kind regards.



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I can't understand why in the SCAN MODE the automatic creation gives me an error while in the ''normal'' mode it gives no error. For normal mode i mean the standard blank vi of labview.

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