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Optris IR Camera and LabVIEW



I've been browsing the forum, trying to find some VI libraries I could use to interface my Optris PI 160 Infrared camera with LabVIEW. I came across this thread, which provided the most useful information as of yet... However, after following all the instructions and importing the libraries, I'm just a baby step away from actually getting it to work. 


My problem is that only a couple of the most basic VIs encounter an error and are unable to run ("SubVI is not executable", "Library not found or failed to load") even though I was sure to import all the necessary libraries to LabVIEW. When I try to open the SubVI and view what's going on behind the scenes, I'm requested to use a password, so that doesn't work. The library package comes with example executable applications, and while those work just fine, they're not actually running LabVIEW itself...


If anyone has used this VI package before, please let me know how you got it to work. Otherwise, I'd greatly appreciate any advice to try and make sure I'm not accidentally overlooking any important libraries (find a way to scan the necessary folder?).


Thanks for any help.

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What library are you trying to use? Can you reach out to whomever created it for support? If you open the unexecutable subVI and click the Run arrow, what does it say?


Without knowing anything about the library you are trying to use, it sounds like you might have put a DLL in the wrong place. It may be worth double-checking all of the steps you were following to make sure you didn't miss something.



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I have a colleague who uses IR Cameras to record fluid flows in humans and animals using near-IR-fluorescent dyes.  His cameras are LabVIEW-compatible with IMAQdx, so he just uses LabVIEW to acquire and process the data.


You might check with Optris and see if they have drivers (or .icd files) that will allow their Camera to be "seen" by MAX.


Am I correct that your camera connects to the computer via a USB cable?  LabVIEW (with the Vision software installed) can certainly "see" WebCams (which use USB) -- if your Camera can also be "seen", then acquiring images should be relatively straight-forward.


Bob Schor

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