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Opinions Please - Non Test & Measurement LabVIEW applications

Sure, i've done several of those. SQL front ends, Board game tips/selector (from BGG user database), Starcraft ladder statistics through some web data mining, newspaper subscription workaround (shhh).


Most 'normal' applications use all the same functions as a measurement one except hardware communication, so it works well. And my C is so rusty today so LV is the only thing i'm effective at. 🙂



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To give my input to the OP's question, I have used it to create:

  • my own personal budgeting/financial program
  • a material tracking system with bar codes and map display (tracking live solid rocket materials where amounts per lab must be limited for safety reasons)
  • corporate project scheduling and dashboard
  • music library tacking
  • sudoku game and solver
  • voice activated system (with .NET calls)
  • many LabVIEW IDE addons
  • Hidden Message Program (hides data in a picture)

LabVIEW is definitely a full programming language but like any language there are things it is better at and things other languages are better at.

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