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Opining VI problem

In your video, the searching stops when it can't find the VI and pops up a dialog box.  Right now you just keep picking Fire which is wrong because that is not the missing subVI.


In that dialog box, you need to change directories and go find the folder where the driver was installed.  Then pick the correct subVI in that folder.  It's not clear, but it is possible all of those subVI's are wrapped up in a library file, in which case you might be able to just pick that library file.  Or you may have to double click on that.


Another option you can do is just ignore all the errors and allow your VI to load with all of those subVI's missing.  You can open context help and hover over each one to see what it is supposed to be.  Then do a right click, Replace, and go to Select VI and go find the correct subVI file that way.


The first method will be a bit easier to do.

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I'm using Labview 32bit

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How exactly did you install LINX? can you show us a screenshot from the relevant VPIM page?

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Okay.  Can you attach an image that isn't scaled down so small with poor resolution that it can't be read?

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I downloaded and installed that toolkit to my LV 2014 installation.  (I don't have 2013 installed, and 2014 is the oldest I have installed.)


I found it installed those files to C:\Program Files (x86)\National Instruments\LabVIEW 2014\vi.lib\MakerHub\LINX\Public\Peripherals\Digital


while the VI you are trying to open is looking in LabVIEW Hacker.


So if you do what I said and go browsing to MakerHub and down through that directory tree, it will find the correct VI.


As I said earlier, whoever created that VI didn't not have their toolkit files installed in the correct default directory.

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I have this directory as shown in screen shot.

what shall i do now ?? shall I copy the new VI and past it in this directory ??


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Please read what I told you again.  My instructions were quite clear and I don't know why you are still asking what you need to do.


When it goes and can't find the VI it is looking for, use that dialog box to browse to the location the VI exists.  That is the location you are now showing in your Explorer windows.  When it is looking for Digital Read 1 Chan, then choose the Digital Read 1 channel in that directory.

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I did what you says and it is clear in my video that I'm going to the VI existing and select it and at the end there will be nothing to select

and there for I was asking about what i shall to do

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