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Operating system's affect a exe build

I have an old project (exe) that created and is now running on a computer with Windows 2000 operating system.  I'm not sure what the original operating software of the developing computer was when it was created.  I now need to make some updates, my question is do I need to compile the exe under Windows 2000 or can it be done under Windows xp or even Windows 98 (yes we still have a computer with 98 just in case) without causing problems when it's installed.  This system is out in the field so I would like to avoid any surprises when our serviceman installs the update. 
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You shouldn't need to rebuild your exe to go from Win 98 to another Windows version.


All you should need to do is make sure the computer has the right version of the LV runtime system.


Is there anything special you are doing like ActiveX or .Net components?

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There isn't anything special going on in this program.  Only some serial communication.  No active-x or anything complicated.  Thanks for the reply.

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Just make sure you install the VISA runtime engine as well then.
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