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Opening VI reference from a RIo

Hi Everyone,


When I try to open a VI referece using "Open VI reference" from a Rio 9074, I keep getting error 1026 (VI reference is invalid). Here is what I have been trying : If I wire a VI path of "C:\", I FTP into the the Rio and place the "" file in the Rio memory. But as I said, deploying it and running it from the Rio always returns error 1026.  

Your help is appreciated! 

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What exactly are you trying to achieve over here? If possible, be sure to post a snapshot of your Project Explorer so we can understand your directory structure.
Adnan Zafar
Certified LabVIEW Architect
Coleman Technologies
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Hi Adnan,


I am trying to open the front panel of a VI using my main program that is running on the Rio. To do this, I am using the open VI reference and invoke method functions in my main program.  I have placed the VI that needs to opened in the Rio's memory. 

That's what I am trying to achieve.  Please let me know if you have any ideas as to why I keep getting an error. 

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You have to open an application reference to the rio (use the TCP/IP address
of the device). Once you have an application reference, wire that reference
to the open VI reference, and use the name of the vi to open a reference to
that specific VI.



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