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Open waveform chart in other screen.

Hello to all!
I have a front panel with two indicators, the value of those two indicators goes to waveform chart.
My problem is that I need to call from run_time_menu to waveform chart and that it is opened in a screen different, appearing only waveform chart with titlebar.
I have proved with a property node_visible of waveform char, but waveform is in front panel and not in one second screen.  Another problem is that if I use a subvi to have another screen, the values of waveform are not updated.
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There are lots of ways to achieve this.
One of the approaches is as shown in the attached VI.
  • Go through teh block Diagram of Main VI. Here you will see that a sine pattern is written to a chart.
  • Observe that I have placed a sub VI inside the "sub VI" event of the main VI.
  • Click on the sub VI icon. In its drop down menu,go to 'sub Vi node set up'. Here you will see that i have selected select 'show front panel when called' and 'close afterwards if originally opened'
  • This link will teach you how to pass values to a sub VI by using Connector Pane:
  • Run the main VI, and click on "show sub VI" to dispay the graph shown in mainVI on the SUB VI's graph
Any doubts, do ask

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Sorry, I can not open the file, I work with LV7.0.

Can you send the file in this format?



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Hi Garrigos
 try attached file-version 7.0 it did complain about not being able to save sine pattern!

Notice when you run it, that if you open sub vi that the data is amended to previous data shown
so you are not getting a true picture. If that is essential trying using clear graph property before showing.

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Here is the VI in LabVIEW 7.0.

As Xseadog has mentioned, I have included a chart's property node( History data) to clear chart during each successive display

Hope this helps




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