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If I have a chance, I'll go back and try your code, with Clones, again.  The reason I got rid of the Clones is that, for some reason, using the Clone appeared to "lock in" your File Path, which (as might be expected) referred to a file/folder that I didn't have, and when I tried to substitute a Test File on my own machine, it reverted to the one you specified.  I should be able to figure out how to "have my clone and file name, too" ...


Bob Schor

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I changed the path to point to an empty text file on my desktop and the code ran fine for me. I don't think the issues you are seeing are related to using classes - is another program using that file?



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You don't have to set it to be a clone. As long as you wire the correct object wire to your Write function you can use it in multiple places just fine, the functions will just execute sequentially. If you need to write to different files truly simultaneously you can use clones, but at least for initial uses I'd leave it as default to keep things simpler.

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Hello, no..none use the file because the file is a test file and I delete e create a new one, with same name, for test every time.

But if on your pc works, is a good news

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