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Open file dialog is stuck maximized


A few days ago my was programming on LabVIEW, and using file dialogs invoked within the program from a Path control. Suddenly all such dialogues were opening maximized, taking up the whole screen. Although a draggable corner shows at the bottom right, it is not in fact draggable. Since the dialogue doesn't have maximize/minimize buttons, I can't find any way to get it back to the regular size. This applies both to dialogs invoked from a Path control, and dialogs invoked by regular menus such as File > Open...  It is not confined to one project, and it does not matter whether my application is running at the time.


How can I get my LabVIEW back to normal in this regard?


Labview 2018, Windows 10

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Try double-cilicking on the window title.

LV 7.1, 2011, 2017, 2019
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Did you try double clicking the title bar?

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